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Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis (in Slovenian: Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo) respects privacy of its users.

Our Privacy Policy

The manager of the online store Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo is bound by law ZVOP-1-UPB1 to protect privacy of its users.

Privacy policy refers to handling general information as well as private data gathered when a user visits our web page; or signs in the online store; or creates a user account and provides personal information.


Cookie is a file saved on user’s computer where internet settings are stored. It is downloaded by user’s browser during the first visit on the web page. When the user accesses the web page with the same device, the browser checks for a familiar cookie – the one where the web page’s name is stored – and sends its stored information back to the page. This allows websites to recognize that the user is returning and can adjust the displayed content accordingly.

Cookie name: osCsid
Duration: session
Purpose: essential to website’s operation

Managing and deleting cookies

We declare and guarantee that we will not send our cookies to third parties. Users can easily erase or disable cookies by adjusting the browser settings. The instructions on how this is done are usually found in the browser’s help section (see also In case the user decides to disable cookies, some web pages may not display properly.

Privacy essentials

We will only use collected information, general or personally provided to us by users, in accordance with purposes listed here. Under no circumstance will we reveal user's personal information to third parties. User's personal information will be used exclusively to work with your order and to deliver the merchandise.


When the user registers and successfully signs up to the online store, personal information is entered in online forms. Personal information gathered and stored for the purposes of the purchase and delivery:
first and last name,
physical postal address,
e-mail address,
encrypted password,
purchase record,
other data entered in online forms.

We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered by users.

Freedom of choice: can the user choose which personal data is gathered? Can this data be reviewed and changed?

The user is in full control of the the personal information they send to Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo. If the user decides not to share their personal information with Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, some websites will not be accessible to them due to the way these sites operate. Users can't purchase online without providing personal information required to make the delivery of purchased goods and identification of the buyer possible.

User's right to access and review their personal information is protected by law. Users can change their information either by accessing their user profile or by sending a written request to Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo.

Deleting stored information: can I request for my information to be deleted?

At any time, the user can send a written request for the supplier to permanently or temporarily stop using their personal information and purchase history. If you wish to delete your user account at our online store, please send a request to '.STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS.'.

Make sure that your request follows this form:
Message Subject: Request to delete user account
Message Content should include:
(a) first and last name of the user;
(b) user's physical address;
(c) electronic address which was used to create the user account. The request to delete user account should be sent from the same electronic address which is used to access the account. We will inform you about the deletion by e-mail. On request by the user, we will delete user's personal information in accordance with the applicable law (Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov).

The right to information

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo
Igriška ulica 2
1000 Ljubljana
cell phone: ++386 (0)41 755 050
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