Problemi 11-12/20

Problemi 11-12/20

Problemi International, No. 4, 2020
(Vol. LVIII, Nos. 11–12/2020))
Edited by Mladen Dolar
pages 329

This publication has been co-published in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Ljubljana


Table of Contents

         Hegel Reborn: A Brief Introduction to HEGEL 250—TOO LATE?

         Árpád-Andreas Sölter
         Hegel’s Time!

         Ana Jovanović, Bara Kolenc, Urban Šrimpf, Goran Vranešević
     Nadia Bou Ali and Ray Brassier
     After Too Late: The Endgame of Analysis

     Mladen Dolar
     What’s the Time? On Being Too Early or Too Late in Hegel’s Philosophy

     Luca Illetteratti
     Nature’s Externality: Hegel’s Non-Naturalistic Naturalism

     Zdravko Kobe
     The Time of Philosophy: On Hegel’s Conception of Modern Philosophy

     Bara Kolenc
     “What, if Anything, Has Not Been Called Philosophizing?” On the Relevance of Hegel’s Conception of a Philosophical History of Philosophy

     Gregor Moder
     TWhat Is To Be Done: On the Theatricality of Power

     Sebastian Rödl
     Thinking Nothing

     Frank Ruda
     The Purlieu Letter. Towards the Hegelian Theory of Conditioning

     Jure Simoniti
     Hegel and the Opaque Core of History

     Árpád-Andreas Sölter
     Against Leviathan: Hegel’s, Fichte’s and Schiller’s Critique of Modernity, Alienation, and the State

     Klaus Vieweg
     The Athenian Owl and the Gallic Rooster— Dusk or Dawn?

     Sven-Olov Wallenstein
     Adorno’s Beethoven: Undoing Hegel from Within

     Slavoj Žižek
     Hegel In the Future, Hegel On the Future


Notes on Contributors

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