Problemi 11-12/19

Problemi 11-12/19

Problemi International, No. 3, 2019
(Vol. LVII, Nos. 11–12/2019))
Edited by Simon Hajdini
pages 314

This publication was financially supported by Mercator. .

Table of Contents

     Slavoj Žižek
     Varieties of the Transcendental in Western Marxism

     Eric L. Santner
     Marx and Manatheism

     Noam Yuran
     Home Economics: Why We Treat Objects Like Women

     Jean-Claude Milner
     Reflections on the Me Too Movement and Its Philosophy

     Alenka Zupančič
     RLove Thy Neighbor as Thyself?!

     Adrian Johnston
     Lacan and Monotheism: Not Your Father’s Atheism, Not Your Atheism’s Father

     Robert Pfaller
     The Sub-Ego: Description of An Inferior Observing Agency

     Zdravko Kobe
     From Public Opinion to Public Knowledge: Hegel’s State as an Epistemic Institution

     Mladen Dolar
     The Endgame of Aesthetics: From Hegel to Beckett

     Frank Vande Veire
     So Fake, So Real! Josephine and the Voice of Death

     Alexi Kukuljevic
     This Beast is Complex: Imposture and Plato’s Sophist

     Peter Klepec
     On “the Idea” in Badiou


Notes on Contributors

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