Problemi 11-12/19

Problemi 11-12/19

Problemi International, No. 3, 2019
(Vol. LVII, Nos. 11–12/2019))
Edited by Simon Hajdini
pages 314

This publication was financially supported by Mercator.


Table of Contents

     Slavoj Žižek
     Varieties of the Transcendental in Western Marxism

     Eric L. Santner
     Marx and Manatheism

     Noam Yuran
     Home Economics: Why We Treat Objects Like Women

     Jean-Claude Milner
     Reflections on the Me Too Movement and Its Philosophy

     Alenka Zupančič
     RLove Thy Neighbor as Thyself?!

     Adrian Johnston
     Lacan and Monotheism: Not Your Father’s Atheism, Not Your Atheism’s Father

     Robert Pfaller
     The Sub-Ego: Description of An Inferior Observing Agency

     Zdravko Kobe
     From Public Opinion to Public Knowledge: Hegel’s State as an Epistemic Institution

     Mladen Dolar
     The Endgame of Aesthetics: From Hegel to Beckett

     Frank Vande Veire
     So Fake, So Real! Josephine and the Voice of Death

     Alexi Kukuljevic
     This Beast is Complex: Imposture and Plato’s Sophist

     Peter Klepec
     On “the Idea” in Badiou


Notes on Contributors

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