Problemi 11-12/17

Problemi 11-12/17

Problemi International, No. 1, 2017
(Vol. LV, Nos. 11–12/2017)
Edited by Simon Hajdini
pages 250

Table of Contents


     Slavoj Žižek
     The Varieties of Surplus

     Frank Ruda
     Philosophy and Courage

     Mladen Dolar
     Of Drives and Culture

     Jean-Claude Milner
     Back and Forth from Letter to Homophony

     Alenka Zupančič
     Lying on the Couch

     Rey Chow
     The Subject of Chinglish

     Simon Hajdini
     Comedy from a to Z: On the Subject-Matter of Ideological Interpellation

     Gregor Moder
     The Impossible Object of Love: Shakespeare, Billy Wilder and Freud

     Jan Voelker
     Heidegger’s Movies: National Socialism and the End of Philosophy

     Tadej Troha
     On Ambivalence


Notes on Contributors

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